Heidi's Favorite Things: Confirmation Gifts

Yet you do not know what tomorrow will bring. What is your life? For you are a mist that appears for a little time and then vanishes.         

                                        James 4:14

Being in a pastor's family we give a lot of gifts. We live a life where we are blessed to be included in so many beautiful lives. 

One of my favorite times are those faith-proclaiming moments when heaven touches Earth and we see the testimony of God so clearly in another's life that we can't help but be moved by it. Gifts aren't necessary to commemorate something, but they can be a special way of sharing our hearts, and a great way to build one another up in Faith.

A question I get asked all the time is 
"What kind of gifts do you give for...." fill in the blank. 

Most of you reading this try to live economically, to be good stewards and the tension of the budget, meeting the desire to give and celebrate with someone, is a real one.

So, this blog is the first in a series I plan to do, occasionally, called "Heidi's favorite things!" It's like Oprah Christmas meets church work life. :)

This post: Confirmation.

Here are a few of my favorites for those of you looking for an idea in any budget...

1) The Christian t-shirt.
For my nephew's confirmation this year I bought him this t-shirt. Silly, but a good conversation starter -

There is a Christian t-shirt appropriate for anyone out there. You can even get ones with Luther quotes, sports, spoofs, or just a simple cross. Youth are usually more spunky than us older folk, and they tend to love a goofy t-shirt that proclaims something that matters. Fun alternatives include a scarf with crosses or a cross necklace. 

2) High lighters and colored pens, even sticky notes.
I believe in marking up my Bible and catechism, and I like to pass that on to future generations. Include a note encouraging getting into God's Word, instead of the temptation to leave it on the shelf.

3) Christian music.
My favorite Christian rapper is Trip Lee. His lyrics are freakishly Lutheran at times. Check out "I am not a Robot" and see for yourself.

I'm also a wild fan of the new bluegrass/folk comeback to the Christian genre. Ellie Holcomb consistently addresses issues of shame and forgiveness that teen girls so often wrestle with. 

This is an opportunity to help them understand that what we put in our minds, becomes part of our heart. Find a genre or music that will speak to the youth, not to you. Individualize it. Remember they like to download stuff, so you can gift digitally also. Classical music, hymns, or even U2 often have stories behind the music. Gift a song with the story of Christ at work in the artist.
4) A Journaling Bible, devotional, Christian fiction novel, or Study Bible.
Again, anything that keeps us in the Word. I use my journaling Bible with my 12 year old and I'm not sure who loves it more, her or me. It's better together. Offer to share some time in the Word with them in your note.

5) Celina Haupt reminded me a couple weekends ago that a note is sometimes plenty. My Bible is overflowing with encouraging notes from my kids, my youth, and people that were influential throughout my life. Choose a notecard that makes you think of that person and go to town. Encouragement doesn't cost a penny. 

These are all gifts I've given to people in our congregation or family and friends. What gifts do you like to give for confirmation? I'd love to have you share in the comments! We can compile them for a post another time.

Next post - wedding gifts! 
Much love, in this life together.

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