Where the Spirit of Life rules...

Romans 8:2 For the law of the Spirit of life has set you free in Christ Jesus from the law of sin and death.

“The law of the Spirit of life…” What unique language Paul uses! When we think of the law we think of rules and burden, requirements, the unveiling of our ugly sin before us. We think of the law and we immediately are desperate for Grace.

Law was once to us, sin and death. We are incapable of being anything good. We are sinful from birth, from our mother’s womb. In our marriages this plays out in harsh words spoken, selfish decision-making, or any number of small sins against our spouse in a given day. In our families we put ourselves first, we are easily frustrated, and give them the very worst of our selves while we have given others the best. The law of sin and death has real consequences- we feel burdened and guilty, we feel disconnected, and we drown in cycles of miscommunication.

But we have been set free from that law. Yes, it does exist, but we are no longer ruled by it. Our homes, our marriages, are no longer ruled by this law of death. We are ruled by the “law of the Spirit of life!” This Spirit of life is the Spirit’s very real presence in our homes. We breath in, we breath out. He fills us with His Grace and Mercy and it fills the walls of our homes and the hearts of our family.

What does this look like? We give of ourselves, we give of our time, we serve our spouse and our children. We lift one another up. Our words are ones of affirmation. We share a meal around our table, we share discussion and Truth, and we are reminded that God provides for our every need and that we will come to His table, together, to receive His sacrament and be filled, so that this law of the Spirit continues to pour out of each of us onto one another.

This side of heaven, our homes will never be perfect, but this side of heaven, our homes will be ruled by the law of the Spirit of Life! And this Spirit never fails. He fills us, He fills our spouse, He fills our hearts and our minds in Christ Jesus.