A strong anchor...

We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure.
                                                                                                       Hebrews 6:19

     It's no secret to most people who know us that our life is a little messy right now. This year has been one of the most difficult I've ever experienced. I find myself like Job asking God to just take it all away. I want a rewind. I want it erased from my memory. I want my heart to feel fine again. Then I find myself thanking God I don't have boils, I have all my beautiful children, and there's no ash heap out my back door. A little perspective helps.
     However, it's in the mess I confront my fear and God's truth. I stood by my husband's hospital bed and literally got on my knees and cried out to God- "Please step in. Make it better. Make it all go away. I can't live without him. I just can't."
     The answer I got was unexpected…
     In the quiet of my soul, I heard this-
                                He is not your anchor. 
      See, I love my shepherd. I LOVE him. My husband is my husband, my pastor, my best friend. He is the macaroni to my cheese, the mustard to my hot dog, the red wine to my dark chocolate, and all that good stuff. He represents everything that God is to me- loving, kind, and patient. I have made him more in my heart and mind than he was ever intended to be. He is not my anchor. He is not what is meant to hold me steady. That is not his job. I can't hold him to that standard. 
       I LOVE my shepherd. I love Jesus. He is that anchor that is holding me steady. Looking at that hospital bed, I found the truth. Dave is my gift from God. Dave is given to me for a time. He is a blessing, but he is not my god. He can't be everything my heart needs. 
     Only Jesus can fill the cracks in my soul. 
    Only He can be everything I need.
    He is my anchor. 
    He holds me steady in the storm.